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Julie Dirksen an independent consultant and instructional designer with more than 15 years of experience creating highly interactive e-learning experiences for clients from Fortune 500 companies and technology startups to grant-funded research initiatives.

She has a degree in Instructional Systems Technology, and a whole lot of background in things like UX design, game-based learning, and behavior change.

Take some time to explore Julie's exciting offerings 

1.) Usable Learning - Julie's site where you can find out more about her outstanding consulting services, workshops and speaking topics.  

2.) Design Better Learning - Julie's online course site which includes the excellent and timely course Sticky Learning - Learning Design for Attention and Engagement. available for purhcase.

3.) Design for How People Learn - Julie's premiere Facebook Community of Learning & Development professionals where the conversations and posts are must reads.  Feel free to join, gain insights from Julie and others; and share your own insights as well.

4.) Design for How People Learn Book - Julie's bestselling book where you can discover how to use the key principles behind learning, memory, and attention to create-materials that enable your audience to both gain and retain the knowledge and skills you're sharing.

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