ATD Hawaii schedules different types of events for our chapter members for a blend of opportunities to learn from each other, from invited speakers; and to network with others who share an interest in Talent Development.

In keeping with ATD's Competency Model, events are offered in each of the 10 Areas of Expertise (AOE) and Foundational Competencies. 


Functional Competencies

1) Business Skills: 

  • Analyze needs and propose solutions. 
  • Apply business skills.  
  • Drive results. 
  • Plan and implement assignments. 
  • Think strategically. 
  • Innovate.

2) Global Mindset: 

  • Accommodate cultural differences. 
  • Convey respect for different perspectives. 
  • Expand own awareness. 
  • Adapt behavior to accommodate others. 
  • Champion diversity. 
  • Leverage diverse contributions.

3) Industry Knowledge:

  • Maintain own professional knowledge. 
  • Keep abreast of industry changes and trends. 
  • Build industry sector knowledge.

4) Interpersonal Skills:

  • Build trust. 
  • Communicate effectively. 
  • Influence stakeholders. 
  • Network and partner. 
  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence.

5) Personal Skills:

  • Demonstrate adaptability. 
  • Model personal development.

6) Technology Literacy

  • Demonstrate awareness of technologies. 
  • Use technology effectively.

Area of Expertise 

1) Performance Improvement: Apply a systematic process for analyzing human performance gaps and for closing them.

2) Instructional Design: Design and develop informal and formal learning solutions using a variety of methods.

3) Training Delivery: Deliver informal and formal learning 
solutions in a manner that is both engaging and effective.

4) Learning Technologies: Apply a variety of

learning technologies to address specific learning needs.

5) Evaluating Learning Impact: Use learning metrics and analytics to measure the impact of learning solutions.

6) Measuring Learning Programs: Provide leadership to execute the organization’s people strategy; implements training projects and activities.

7) Integrated Talent Management: Build an organization’s culture, capability, capacity, and engagement through people development strategies.

8) Coaching: Apply a systematic process to improve others’ ability to set goals, take action, and maximize strengths.

9) Knowledge Management: Capture, distribute, and archive intellectual capital to encourage knowledge-sharing and


10) Change Management: Apply a systematic process to shift individuals, teams, and organizations from current state to desired state.





We offer these programs at different types of events:


Lunch & Learns:
Event speakers present on best practices in training, development, and performance improvement. These are free for members and $10 for non-members. Please feel free to bring your own lunch and learn!


Evening Events:
Evening events are typically for longer presentations than a Lunch & Learn with a meal and more opportunity to socialize.


National Certificate Programs:
Every year a National ATD certificate program is brought to Hawaii.  These in-depth certificate programs provide our members the opportunity to obtain knowledge and develop skills without flying to the mainland.  Members receive discounted registration rates.


Webinar sessions provide members with excellent learning opportunities from the comfort of their own desks.  This is a free event that is open to members only. 


Breakfast Events
These events are a good opportunity to begin your day by enhancing your knowledge and developing additional skills while networking with others in the Talent Development field.  


Social Events:
These events provide networking opportunities for members to get to know one another and simply enjoy each other's company.  Event venues and times and cost varies.


Photo Notice

ATD Hawaii periodically uses photos taken at ATD events and activities that may include images of members or guests, whether individually or as part of a larger group.  These photos are used for various chapter publications, including the ATD Hawaii website, presentations, social media, email marketing, newsletters and ATD printed material.  By registering for our events, you grant ATD Hawaii permission to use these images in the manner described above and waive all claims for compensation or injury for such use.  Please contact ATD Hawaii at for any questions or concerns.

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