Driving Results Through Learner Engagement

  • Tuesday, June 26, 2012
  • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Bank of Hawaii's New Center for Excellence, 111 South King Street, 5th Floor of the Bank Building


  • Pay by check or at the door.
  • Pay by check or at the door.

You can now pay at the door with Cash, Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card or with a check payable to ASTD Hawaii Chapter or mail your check to:

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Driving Results Through Learner Engagement


Be honest with yourself - - have you ever found your mind wandering during a presentation, daydreamed through a speech, created a to-do list during a lecture, or jotted a grocery list in the midst of a monologue? 


Don’t fret, you are not alone.


Most Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) professionals recognize that adult learning theory guides us to drive interaction and engagement into every aspect of the organizational learning we touch.  We know the power that active learning has as the initial step that leads to knowledge and skill application that generates noticeable, tangible business results.  


Yet still, “instructors” and “presenters” are prevalent in knowledge-sharing in the 21st century workplace, and “death by PowerPoint” appears to have no end in sight.  Why does this gap still exist? 


This interactive, engaging workshop will:

  • Review Critical aspects of Adult Learning Theory
  • Define the "Learner Engagement Model" that support the effective design of all types of learning content
  • Build skill around each of the primary elements of the "Learner Engagement Model"
  • Share best practices on how to influence improvement in your organizations learning investment

This workshop is ideal for all professionals who touch the design, facilitation and execution of learning and performance initiatives in the organizations they support, and desires for their work to hold strategic meaning to the organization, while driving business results!


The time is now!  Workplace Learning and Performance professionals must build effective partnerships to influence the way strategic

knowledge-sharing and skill-building happens at work. 


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Barry E. Altland is a Talent Management professional with more than a dozen years of leadership in Organizational Development/Workplace Learning and Performance.  Barry has driven learning and organizational performance initiatives at several mid- and large-sized companies in the central Florida area in a wide variety of industries, from hospitality, theme park/resort destination, real estate development, agribusiness, supply chain and financial services.      


He is a national member of ASTD since 1999, and has previously served on the Executive Board of the Central Florida Chapter of ASTD for five years, including being the 2006 Chapter President.  Barry has also been a featured speaker and facilitator for the annual ASTD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC), and has designed and led ASTD local chapter workshop programs throughout Florida and nationwide


You can pay for this event by cash, credit card or by check payable to: 
‘ASTD Hawaii,’ PO Box 1633, Honolulu, HI 96806-1633

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