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The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offered by ATD Hawai'i are one of the numerous opportunities for members to advance professionally and personally, network, learn about new trends and industry directions, and bring helpful information back to their organizations. All SIGs have the same goal: to increase the value of ATD membership by offering professional development and a diverse range of opportunities. 

The SIGs are viewable with Membership only. To join ATD Hawai'i and/or ATD International, Click Here.  

If you are already a member, please make sure you sign in before viewing the SIGs. 

Tech SIG

Technology is one of our most highly requested topics. Moving into the future is inevitable and it is important for us to know how to incorporate and utilize technology in our profession. 

Organization Development SIG

Organization Development (OD) is an emerging field of scholarship and practice that supports effectiveness and vitality in organizations and communities. Elements of OD can be found in a number of fields, from Human Resources to Information Technology. Organization Development is guided by strong values such based in humanistic and social psychology, systems science and thinking leading to organization-wide, inquiry-based and collaborative, developmental-focused, systems-oriented, and research- and evidence-informed practices.

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