Aloha is Art with Ka'ala Souza

  • Thursday, August 23, 2012
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • 111 South King Street, Bank of Hawaii Building 5th Floor


This is a free Lunch & Learn Event - Please feel free to bring your own brown bag lunch.

Aloha is Art with Kaala Souza

The Gallup Management Journal reports that 70% of our employees are actively UN-engaged from their jobs.  That means they are passion-less and unconnected to their work.  The engagement bottom line is we have more time-watchers and clock-punchers than engaged and energetic employees.  This directly affects our business bottom line.  The problem is simple to define yet difficult to fix:

How do we develop a workforce that cares, is enthusiastic and emotionally committed to our organization?

Join us as we look at answers to this questions from a unique ALOHA perspective linked with contemporary motivational concepts.

This workshop will cover:

  • Why the separation of "work" from "life" produces lower on-the-job enthusiasm
  • What we're doing wrong with our normal incentive programs
  • How to identify individual core value and align them with the organizational mission
  • What conditions needs to be in place for passionate engagement to occur
  • Why increasing trust should be an urgent priority and how to do it
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Born and raised in Hawaii (along with some well-spent formative years in the continental U.S.)  Kaʻala Souza  blends island-style and Hawaiian culture into a remarkable session on life, balance and change. He links the strengths of the local culture with corporate best practices from around the country and delivers a high energy, enlightening, entertaining and empowering experience. Over the past 20 years Ka'ala has worked with many of Hawaii's largest private and public organizations including Kamehameha Schools, Caste Medical Center, the Honolulu Police Department, University of Hawaii, McDonalds and the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

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